The Genealogy of
                               Eli martin Hewitt

                                                        1824 - 1864

The Genealogy of Eli Martin Hewitt
Wood Carving

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                          Family Photo Galleries

Levi Brown Hewitt family gallery  
(Click on a picture for a larger image)

Levi and children by Delilah Meitzler

Earl Martin, Leslie Britton, Orla Stead and Levi

Dredge Boat

This is one Earl worked on in Indiana; Levi did the same type of work dredging river channels.

Leslie and wife Ida Kimble

Photo taken circa 1935 in Hebron, Indiana

Guy, wife Daphne and children

Probably taken in1935 in Indiana

Eva Meitzler and Ethel Hewitt

Daughters of Emma (Davis) Meitzler Hewitt

Levi and Maria

Levi's third wife, Maria (Diddie) Pringle

Maude George Eli Corwin Samuel, Sr. Emily Jane "Jennie" Emily Jane 'Jennie' Hewitt Gohn and children George, Corwin and Maude

Jennie and grandchildren


Emily Jane 'Jennie' Hewitt Gohn
                              family gallery

George Washiington Gohn, Jennie's husband





                                                                                          Jennie with her grandchildren





    Corwin Sr., George Eli, Maude with

                                                                            George Washington Gohn



Franklin Eli Hewitt family gallery

        Franklin c1931









                                                                    Franklin and children

        L-R: Mark Lee, Martin Roscoe, Charles Freeman, Frank, Oren Francis, Nellie Waneta, Gertrude Belle
                                                            Probably 1940 for son John's funeral

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